Our Story

Quality Jewellery, Reimagined

Where quality counts and the dreams come for free

From humble origins beginning in a small workshop in Brisbane in 2016, King’s Pocket has rapidly grown into a respected new brand trusted for its quality and customer focus. Opening a distinctive boutique in which to better reach the market in 2021, and expanding into e-commerce the following year with a truly customised website, King’s Pocket has relentlessly built up the business with a vision to provide luxury to our customers, form lifelong relationships and inspire conscious indulgence in the retail experience.

At King’s Pocket, we offer the highest quality jewellery at exceptional value, provided with outstanding customer service by a friendly team. As an emerging brand with an unwavering passion for quality jewellery without compromises, we recognised that our initial steps towards providing an exceptional product to our customers was to stand out in the retail industry with first-rate customer service.

Guided by the vision of founders Jonathan and Sarah, King’s Pocket has a commitment to sustainability, striving to be a counterpoint to the accepted form of jewellery retail; insisting that it could be done better, and determined to start off on the right foot. Since its inception, our goal has been to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

“We at King’s Pocket are truly honoured to be a part of all of life’s momentous occasions. We believe it is possible to meet the needs of our customers by making the right choices today in our commitment for a better future.” Jonathan, Owner

Our highly qualified and experienced jeweller, Jonathan, became a Fellow of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia in 2023, and is proud to be a part of the most recognised organisation of professional and experienced craftspeople in the country. With nearly three decades of experience and expertise in the trade, Jonathan takes pride in every piece of jewellery he creates or recreates with precision. His extensive experience in the jewellery industry has encompassed quality control and management of prestigious trophies, such as the Melbourne Cup, V8 Supercars Peter Brock “King of the Mountain” trophy and the Sheffield Shield.

Sustainable Metals
At King’s Pocket, we are committed to sourcing responsible jewellery. As such, we only trade with responsible suppliers and our precious metals are sourced from certified Australian suppliers with high ESG commitments. Australian gold is used in all of our bespoke designs. Sustainable practices can assist in mitigating the environmental impacts of extracting raw materials; keeping in mind that gold and platinum are infinitely recyclable, and using recycled gold and other precious metals wherever possible in our jewellery, we can substantially reduce our emissions and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Conflict-free Diamonds
We purchase our diamonds from suppliers around the world who participate in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, using new as well as recycled diamonds, thus ensuring we do not source conflict diamonds for use in our jewellery. For custom pieces, we buy our exceptional diamonds from the diamond quarter of Antwerp in Belgium. We have access to the coveted Australian Argyle diamonds: pink, yellow and blue, for something truly special.

Your jewellery should reflect your uncompromising style. You needn’t compromise your values in your desire for self-expression. We should embrace our creativity and combine it with true craftsmanship for lasting perfection.” Sarah, Owner

Community Spotlight
We are dedicated to providing an exceptional product to the community at large with our quality jewellery.

In raising our brand awareness in our formative years, we have sponsored community sports, such as Griffith City Football Club Juniors, and provided support for the Italian Museum, and various community fundraisers.

Creating a positive shift in the global community of discerning consumers extends to educating our customers about the product, allowing them to make wiser choices in their purchases that will ultimately bring greater satisfaction and lasting treasures. It is our ambition to create a ripple effect in the community and create a culture of innovation where people feel empowered to share their unique perspective that will shape the future of jewellery retail.

Low Impact
Responsible actions, sustainable practices and the economical use of natural resources are principles that are becoming increasingly important to consumers.

At King’s Pocket, we aim to reduce or eliminate the impact our packaging has on the planet by challenging conventional packaging. Using personalised jewellery boxes composed of 100% recycled materials—including the foam inserts—as well as innovative and sustainable bio-plastic boxes that are made from renewable & replenishable raw materials such as sugarcane, we are reducing our ecological footprint and using real alternatives to petroleum-based plastics. Our premium
sustainable timber boxes are handcrafted from New Zealand beech from managed forests, offering distinctive elegance to
compliment the high-quality jewellery inside.

Our carry bags are made from majority recycled paper from post-consumer waste and the balance from Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC)-certified responsibly sourced paper. They are an environmentally friendly option
that can be re-used with pride and recycled, plus they are still beautiful bags which we are proud to carry.

Our ethical choices extend to the use of energy-efficient lighting in our store, avoidance of unnecessary plastics in our displays, seeking most ecological alternatives, reusing packaging materials and recycling all possible products with no further use in our efforts to minimise waste.

Our Bright Future
Our aim in the jewellery retail industry is to capture public attention with our ‘gold standard’ of quality jewellery accessible to all, and to help champion positive change for a better world. Our range is constantly expanding and evolving to better meets the needs of our customers. This goes beyond providing exceptional jewellery and making conscious decisions.

Where King’s Pocket is today is not where we aim to be tomorrow. We intend to continually refine our stock to include suppliers who consider their product packaging and reduce their reliance on environmentally damaging and toxic materials, because the choices we make today will have a profound impact on the future of our planet. 

It is worth keeping in mind that gold is always a valuable commodity, consistently in demand and inherently limited around the world. In times of economic uncertainty, investing in gold is a safety net for the future. Platinum and other lesser known precious metals, such as palladium, are increasingly used in jewellery and are worthy investments for their intrinsic value that offers unique inflationary protection — can be said to be ‘worth their weight’ when other investable commodities can be greatly affected by global events.

We believe in a better jewellery industry. King’s Pocket are committed to evoking the shift that shapes the future we envisage. Our unwavering passion for jewellery, combining aesthetics with ethics both today and into the future.