Our Story


Our qualified jeweller, Jonathan, was born and raised in Griffith, moved to Sydney for a decade to learn his craft before being headhunted to Brisbane to oversee the Hardy Brothers and Wallace Bishop head office and workshop as chief quality controller and work coordinator for 26 jewellers. Here they produced the prestigious Melbourne Cup, V8 Supercars Peter Brock "King of the Mountain" and Sheffield Shield trophies amongst other high-end jewellery.

We purchase our diamonds from suppliers around the world who participate in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, ensuring we do not source conflict diamonds for use in our jewellery.

While other retailers were transitioning from single-use plastic bags, we were designing custom-made bags from majority recycled paper from post-consumer waste and the balance from Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC)-certified responsibly sourced paper. These are environmentally friendly, can be recycled or composted, and they are still beautiful bags which we are proud to carry.

We aim to reduce or eliminate the impact our packaging has on the planet by challenging conventional packaging. All components of our personalised jewellery boxes—even the foam inserts—are made from 100% recycled materials. Most jewellery boxes contain plastics and foams which are thermally treated and consequently high in energy consumption. Whereas our boxes contain 100% recycled foam, which is processed and merged into new inserts and still guarantees the same properties for your precious jewellery: no damage and no tarnishing!

Our ethical choices extend to the use of energy-efficient lighting in our store, avoidance of unnecessary plastics in our displays, seeking most ecological alternatives, reusing packaging materials and recycling all possible products with no further use. We intend to continually refine our stock to include suppliers who consider their product packaging and reduce their reliance on environmentally damaging and toxic materials.